The Feed-In Tariff is a government backed financial incentive to encourage you to produce your own ‘green’ electricity. This is achieved in three different ways: 

      tick The Generation Tariff You earn a fixed amount for every kilowatt hour of electricity that you generate, whether you use this in your household or not
      tick The Export Tariff You earn an additional fixed income for every kilowatt hour of electricity that you generate and sell back to the National Grid
      tick Your Electricty Supplier Most properties will only use about 50% of the ‘free’ energy that is generated. If during some seasons you are unable to generate enough electricity you can still buy from your normal company, BUT, it will be less than you normally buy

      "Although the feed-in tariff rate has reduced, so have the cost of solar panels - this still makes solar pv a sound investment for your home or business"

      Feed-In Tariff Example

      A three or four bedroom house installed with solar PV panels that generate electricity.

      The Feed-In Tariffs would provide the following benefits:

      tick The electricity generated would pay the homeowner £400 a year tax-free
      tick Remaining electricity costs would be reduced, giving a saving of £120 a year
      tick Therefore the total benefit would be £580 per year

      This is based on an average use of 4,500kWh of electricity per year and the installation of 3.00kWp of solar PV panels. Many households will be able to accommodate up to 4.0kW of solar panels and therefore the financial gain would be greater. See our online calculator for more information.

      How much will you get paid?

      Try our online calculator for an estimate of the income that solar panels could generate you. Most solar PV installations will generate an income in excess of £14,000 over 25 years.

      The tariff will pay you 16.0p/kWhr, depending on the type and size of your solar PV system. In addition to this you receive 4.5p/kWh when you export any surplus energy back to the National Grid. This is in addition to the saving that you are making by reducing the amount of electricity purchased through your normal electricity supplier. Your Solar Consultant at Circuit Alert Ltd will work with you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit for your budget.

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