Financial Benefits

      tick Get paid for ALL of the electricity that your system produces
      tick Save money on costly electricity bills by generating 'free' electricity
      tick Generate > £14,000 profit over 25 years with government feed-in tariff

      Environmental Benefits

      tick Generate your own 'green' electricity from the sun's light
      tick Contribute to the reduced CO2 production
      tick Reduce your carbon footprint on the environment

      Solar panels use the energy generated by the sun and turn it into useable electricity for your home.

      After the installation of your solar PV panels you will start to reap the rewards of solar energy. The appliances in your household will automatically be powered by the ‘free’ electricity that you are producing.

      If the solar panels produce more electricity than your household uses, then any excess will be transmitted to the National Grid through your normal electricity supplier and you will generate money through the governments Feed-In Tariff. However, if your appliances require more energy that you produce, you will simply receive that energy from The National Grid through your normal supplier – you will not notice any change

      To find out if your home is suitable Contact Us at Circuit Alert Ltd and speak to one of our expert Solar Consultants.

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