Which direction does your roof face?

      Houses that have a roof facing in a Southerly direction will benefit the most from solar panels, as they have the longest exposure to sunlight throughout the day. However, if your roof faces East or West, solar panels are still suitable for you – although you won’t generate quite as much ‘free’ electricity, you will still be reducing your electricity bills.

      How shaded is your roof?

      Solar PV panels rely on exposure to sunlight in order to generate electricity. Your Solar Consultant will carefully design your installation to avoid any detrimental effect that areas of shading may have.

      What is the size and pitch of your roof?

      Your Solar Consultant will maximise the roof space available to you within your budget to ensure that you are generating as much ‘free’ electricity as possible. It may be necessary to make alterations in the pitch of the panels in order to guarantee a longer sunlight exposure. 

      What happens now?

      Contact Us today to arrange a free no obligation quotation from one of Circuit Alert Ltd.’s Solar Consultants. We will come to your house at a time to suit you and advise you on the Solar PV options that are available to you. As part of the inspection Circuit Alert Ltd will assess the structural integrity of your roof. Try our online calculator now to see how Solar PV could benefit you.

      Upon agreement of your installation, Circuit Alert Ltd will schedule in a date to fit your Solar PV system. Upon completion of the installation you will start to generate ‘free’ electricity straight away.

      We recommend that you take out an annual maintenance agreement as part of your installation; this involves a Circuit Alert Ltd Solar Consultant visiting you to check that your Solar PV system is working to its maximum potential. A full inspection of your system is carried out, including a thorough test of your ‘inverter’ (the part that transforms the current), which may need to be changed within 25 years of installation.

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